See presentations on Prezi user profiles

Is there any way to find someone’s Prezi profile (and watch their presentations) when you just know their name and surname?

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment to search for users or presentations.

We’d be interested in learning for what purposes you would like to use this feature.
With this information, will have a better understanding of your use case.

I would like this feature too. Searching by user profiles.
I am a teacher and give homeworks to students on prezi. They sometimes just send the prezi link. I need to see their profile too.

Hi @Ferda_Bozkurt, this feature is currently not available in Prezi Next. Thank you for your feedback, I have forwarded it to our product team and let you know if there are any updates regarding this.

i’d like this feature to, as my apush teacher uses prezi and he usually goes incredible fast and forgets to send out the prezi’s, so being able to access his profile and all the prezi’s he’s made would help my grade

Hello @Maddie_DeVries, your teacher can reach his profile page by opening one of their public presentations and then clicking on the username initials. Please, note that only public presentations will be displayed there.

Hope this could help! :slight_smile: