Seeing aspect ratio

If I am going to create a presentation to be shown on projector, it would be VERY useful if I could see a boundary using the aspect ratio of my projector (or monitor, or what ever) so that when I place things I can be sure that the important bits are placed well in the visible space of the page.

Another option would be to provide an “invisible” frame (one which is visible during editing but not when showing to provide visual cues while editing and a ‘full screen’ anchor point for paths) and the ability to add a frame with a specific aspect ratio. This would allow me to isolate things when necessary.

Hey Adam,

In my opinion, you don’t need that since we are dealing with an “infinite”, well, at least a very big canvas that can be zoomed in and out as necessary. By zooming in and out you can “frame” anything on the screen or wall.

I understand your idea, but don’t limit yourself to just the size of your screen or whatever. Make crucial details very big and the others smaller and play around with the zoom.

Let me know what you think.


That is true… unless you are using paths and have a compelling reason to want to visually isolate something.

Now I could do that if I had access to my projector while I’m doing the writing but the aspect ratios of my monitors are very different from my projector (a common occurance, I would think) and if I don’t know what my aspect ratio is, I run the risk of making something that is too wide for the projection screen, ultimately making everything scale shorter and potentially illegible.

The issue of aspect ratio isn’t just about projectors. Its the difference between a casual and a formal design. In a casual design, you’re not going to care about the sizes of things and you can just fling stuff around, tweaking it until your eye says “that’s OK”. However, if you are executing a formal design, then you are likely to want everything to conform to some regular pattern, and in this environment (where the concept of a regular grid is almost silly) that will probably be tied to the aspect ratio. You will have things at different scales and what not and the aspect ratio will provide the harmony.

Now I could achieve this by adjusting the size of the browser window but that’s a LOT awkward, imho.

Maybe a simple workaround for now is that you make a 4:3 ratio swf frame, designed as you like, and upload it, and just copy paste it and scale it to use as frames.

The swf frame is a great idea -

I too would like to see aspect ratio somehow hinted when in design mode. Best example, using/adjusting the frame from view. It would be way cool if that frame was in my design-point aspect ratio so I can anticipate what spills over the edge when using a 4:3 projector v. a 16:9. Also good, in addition to the Up/Down menu items is a ‘hide/show’ item to make such frames visible in design but not in playback.

A viewable live area/aspect ratio is ABSOLUTELY critical. I won’t purchase a license until this feature is added. Great product, but this functionality is a must. I should be able to manually set, or at the very least choose from a variety ratios. I watched a colleague show a presi and it didn’t go so well because after the zoom stops, important data was cropped!

Does “swf” mean “standard width frame…?”