Seemless Video Integration (Custom Thumbnail and remove the Ugly Play Button)

I just posted the more or less same post in a reply I came across, but wanted to re-post in the Ideas section as I think it’s more relevant here (excuse the double posting):

I would also like to advocate for the ability to either use a custom thumbnail for videos with the Prezi Next platform, or at very least, have Prezi pull the first frame of the video as a thumbnail so that it can be integrated more subtly into the presentation (ie. by having a white first frame that acted as a thumbnail, that video could be placed on an existing white asset so when the Prezi zooms to that area you don’t see it until it starts playing. This creates a beautiful & seamless integration between video and presentation).

I create professional presentations using a variety of platforms (Prezi and PowerPoint being the most common) with a lot of custom motion graphics built in. I get several clients PER MONTH who want a Prezi, but end up going with a PowerPoint for the sole reason of “I hate the big ugly play button on all my videos .” Prezi Classic used to use the first frame as an auto-generated thumbnail. This allowed for hidden and/or seemless integration of motion graphics into a Prezi. The result was smooth and professional, perhaps no better exhibited by Bono on the TED stage in 2014 (compare the presentation how it used to look in the video: vs how the Prezi now looks today with the integration of the play button It’s night and day (and yes, I know this is a Prezi Classic, but several years ago, even Prezi Classic changed the way video containers were processed and also added the “big ugly play button.”

Anyway, that “ugly play button” is the single most common reason my clients do not go with Prezi and revert back to PPT where videos can still be inserted subtly and stylistically. I have to imagine that if you extrapolate my anecdotal experiences, that is a huge clientele base that is veering away from the otherwise great platform that is Prezi Next.

I know you guys regularly forward request to developers and I hope you will do so again with my request. But I would also love the opportunity to be part of a Prezi Next Power User Focus group that could help give suggestions for making this awesome platform even more awesome. Not sure if this currently exists or could be put on the radar of Prezi? I’d also like to know if other Prezi users see this as a value add??

Ryan (The Presentation Geek)

Hello @Presentation_Geeks Ryan, thanks for posting it here as well, we appreciate the feedback :hugs:

I agree, Ryan. Videos should have a better and smoother integration into our Presentations. Indeed!
Davide, luzzpresents:

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