Select a part of my Prezi, or even my all Prezi?

Hi, it would be great to select many objects together. Or even select all…


you can do this already. Just go to place mode press shift then click-and-drag around your objects. A zebra will appear on the group you just defined.

Bests, Peter

it would still be good to have a select all option or group select option as it’s mind numbingingly slow to select each item and shift select other and the prezi zooms out etc etc and sometimes misses and you have to start again. This is probably my major problem with dealing with the program.

felinegroovy… did you ever find out the solution to changing “groups” of items?

unfortunately not

is there a place to populate requests for future development?

Hi - If you continuously hold down the shift button, as click on one slide after another, the slides become simultaneously selected - signified with an ever-enlarging square with the circular Prezi editing symbol at center (does this circular icon have a name?). DTJ

Also, when using the zebra, the square must fully cover the object that you want to select and move.

I know. But it’s still a colossal pain in the a**e. I currently have a whole presentation that I want to cut and paste into another. Selecting every element is impossible. This is the largest single problem with Prezi. the lack of a spell check is a distant 2nd

After testing this out, Peter did share the way to select all the objects in the Prezi (not one by one, which does take forever).

So click (and release) on one item, then hold shift while selecting everything (by creating a select box). As Peter states, this will create a Zebra which you can resize or move everything at once. If you want to make a group out of all the items, then in the lower right hand, click the lock symbol.

you can press shift then click-and-drag around your objects.