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So far I do not see any possibility to move / rearrange / change the position of more than one slide within the path. This would be extremely useful.

I think of selecting multiple slides by clicking on them while holding down the Shift key.

Any comments on that?

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I haven’t found a way yet.

That’s a basic user interface on PP.

I’m trying to move a whole section of content from the end to the beginning.

If they have that feature, it would save me a lot of time and hassle!

This feature makes a lot of sense. In my presentation I have everything laid out in three sections. There is some complicated ordering within each section. If I wish to reorder the sections I have to grab each slide in the section one by one being careful to not get them out of order.

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someone please help!

unfortunately it seems that this feature is still missing… Or did somebody already find a solution?

Shift, Block & Move to reorder a group of slides when wanting to rearrange your path

Basic stuff

This should be available in PREZI

I need to do this as well, and don’t want to rearrange over 50 path steps manually! I can’t believe this functionality isn’t available…

Should be there

absolutely necessary

Please, do it!!!

If Prezi is better than PowerPoint, why does Prezi not have a basic way to reorganize slides?

Any word on this? I’m about to spend several hours manually re-ordering my 100+ step Prezi…

In Power Point all you have to do is shift-click onto multiple slides and you will have a group of slides that you can move together when you reorder your presentation.

This functionality should be replicated in Prezi, shift-click multiple path points.

This is really basic stuff. This function would save me hours. Can we see it added or is there already a way to do it? Someone from Prezi really needs to respond…

Hey Prezi team!
please reply to these messages for god sake!
1- How to shift the group of slides to reorder the presentation
2- is it possible to make some folders under your account to sort the presentation. Currently I have several pages of slides under “your Prezi”, which take me time to find the one I am looking for all the time.

I won’t be using this service anymore, should these basic requirements not be addressable. Please HELP!!!

Also just trying to find out how to do this… surely seems to be a simple enough feature… Prezi people - you don’t seem to have missed many simple tricks like this one so please sort this one out…

You can’t select multiple paths but what you can do is delete the thumbnails of the paths you want to move (not the actual content just the thumbnails of the side bar path viewer). Then do this…

Alternatively, you can add objects to your path by clicking and dragging the relevant + icon (you’ll find these + icons beside the numbers that represent the steps of your path) to the object you want to add to your path. These can only be seen once you have clicked on ‘Edit Path’ from the Left Sidebar as shown above. If you want to make an item of content the second step on your path, you should click and drag the + that is located after the 1 that appears on your canvas. To make an item the third step, you should drag the + icon next to the number 2 and so on.

This worked wonders from me. I got this info off prezi support…

It is very inconvenient not being able to highlight multiple slides within edit path on the left side and move them to different positions. Moving one slide at a time is extremely time consuming. Please let me know if this functionality going to be added an time soon.   

There was also a request from Veterinary Bioscienc, echoing the requests over the past 2 years: Please tell us if and when this feature will be addressed.

This thread, about what one would expect to be basic functionality, still isn’t fixed after more than two years and didn’t even get a reply from Prezi for over a year and a half when we were told that other features are being worked on.
I’ll be honest, this does slightly undermine your claims of appreciating our feedback.

Since then, the UI has been tweaked. I, for one, would rather see basic functionality gaps addressed before UI tweaks.

Thank you.