Sending or uploading downloaded presentation "exe" file

hello there,

i made a presentation and then downloaded it, but cant send it because of security reasons. it is always blocked.
the presentation is on my desktop and i can open it offline, so there is no problem… but after sending it, i get the same message again, " it is blocked because it is an application file… (exe)

anyone solved this issue or had an experience before? anyone faced this problem and succeed?

please let me know, it will be really helpful.

PS: i don’t want to send a presentation link. i want to send presentation itself. (viewable offline)

thank you.


@Kuhn_Ceramics Were you trying to send the file via email?

If sent as an email attachment, the exe files in many cases are recognised as viruses and become corrupted. You might want to use Wetransfer to avoid this.

In this the issue still persists, please try to temporarily disable any firewall software running on your computer because these might be blocking the exe files as well.

Could you perhaps try to upload the whole .zip folder that contains both the .exe and the Mac files?

Should I upload it to Google Drive or to yours service? If the last, plz, give me a link

Please try to upload it to your Google Drive to see if it works. Please let me know how it goes!

Prezi for Mac, Prezi for win and zip with both of them were successfully uploaded to Google Drive, but nevertheless VirusTotal says about virus in the EXE file for Win https ://www.virustotal. com/ru/file/959bcb72318028f05b92ab7c7f0923364a98926a25e29e0812d8aabb0cec9dca/analysis/1534244447/

And VirusTotal says nothing about zip (win+mac together) =) https ://www.virustotal. com/ru/file/c312ec5e533956e87888f239ec0fe02aece4395f8a83b00790f699e758758959/analysis/1534244948/

Its a mystic =) But, the main thing is that it works with Google Drive