Separate text animations

Feature Request on having lines of text animate one line at a time, with click for next line.

I know the work around is to create a text line and animate each line, but when presentations are being created (I think) most of use want to get content in as quickly as possible without spending so much time on tasks like this one.


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Hello @Mark_Krukowski, thanks for sending that recommendation, we will forward it to our Product team :slight_smile:

Further to the OP’s point: aligning the text is very difficult and extremely time-consuming. My bulleted lists, for example, look like my 6yo assembled them.

Hi @Greg_Powell, thanks for your feedback!

Please note that you can align your textboxes with the keyboard arrows as well. If you hold down SHIFT while you do this you can align the object with bigger steps, but all in all, it should give you precise control over the alignment of your items.

Hope this helps!