Set as starting point on a subtopic slide


I would like to start a subtopic slide zoomed into a logo, then zoom it out to the rest of the content. Whenever I create the zoom animation on the logo and set it as the starting point, it becomes the starting point for the entire presentation, not just that subtopic/slide. It always starts with the entire slide and then zooms into the logo. As I look through the forum it seems like most of the answers are “you can’t do that”. I’m new to Prezi and was excited about it, but that excitement is turning into disappointment bit by bit. Is this another, you can’t do that? Thanks!


@Venessa_R It is only possible to set a starting point for the whole presentation, adding a custom starting point for only a topic is not feasible at the moment.

However, if you send us the link of the presentation in question, we could take a look and see if there is any alternative workaround for what you are trying to achieve!