Set zooming layers in prezi?

One of the best things I like about prezi is the simplicity of the features, so I hope my idea wil be considered without altering this simplicity.
When designing presentation it will be helpful to have up to four or five leves of zooming… that is to define simple layers in order to guide wich element to place in one or another.
Thanks to all prezi team!

That is correct, to have possibility of set at least 4-5 “layers” so the user knows where to put things and control zooming for design porpouses… is like in photoshop or ilustrator… this will help a lot to have organized items by importance and design the whole picture in a glance.

I feel like this would get rid of the extreme
flexibility with the zoom levels at the moment?

the idea is to have some guide to build an schema… zooming flex remains… is more like having range levels… like in a googlemap small details are in larger scales… but to have control of this range scales is the idea…

Hi guys,

I really need a feature, and before posting a new idea I searched for existing ones - this sounds pretty close to what I’m looking for.

I’d also like layers - where as you zoom, the level of detail keeps pace - exactly like Google maps (or any other map). So at 1000km in the view, you see country borders. At 100km, you see city borders. At 10km, you see major highways. At 1km, all streets. Etc.

My specific need here is that I want to portray a network architecture. When I zoom out and show the whole, I want to just show a simple block diagram. As you zoom in, the blocks fade away, and specific units and connections fade in underneath them. As I zoom into a specific unit, the unit picture fades out and the subsystems inside that unit fade in.

This would also be called the “30,000ft view; 10,000ft view, 1000ft view”, etc in sales/marketing.

I guess this would add a little more complexity - you would basically define layers, and be able to edit each layer individually, hiding the others. You’d probably want to name those layers. And you’d want to be able to control on a universal level, at what zoom level it transitions from one to the other.

This feature would really benefit my network architecture, which right now looks really, really complex when you zoom all the way out!



Did you work out how to do this? Its exactly what I need