Several Suggestions

While I am loving the premise of Prezi Next, several issues are preventing me from liking it right now.

  1. It only allows a user to move a layer all the way to the front or all the way to the back. This is a huge issue when trying to layer text over a shape/image. Please add an option for sending a layer back or forward one layer at a time. This is an option on classic.

  2. I HATE how I can no longer zoom into a shape for a new slide. This is the entire purpose for Prezi!! Why is it not an option for Prezi Next??? I have to zoom into each individual slide from the home screen, so tedious and unnecessary.

  3. Autoplay (Has already been mentioned several times.)

  4. I need to be able to resize my zoom-in box.

  5. When I fade-in a topic, there should be an option where it automatically zooms-in as well, or vice-versa. It’s ridiculous I should have to create two separate animations for this every single time.

  6. Okay, now this one is REALLY dumb… why is there not a color picker on custom color? How am I supposed to know the exact number to type in???

  7. Finally, as a teacher, I would like to have the option to view other Prezis, like with Classic.

This is NOT an exhaustive list, however it just outlines some of my major concerns that turns what should be a 45 minute Prezi making endeavor to 2.5 hours…Again, I love some of the new features, which is why I will likely keep using it. But, PLEASE fix these issues, because they are vital to creating a great presentation. Thank You


Thank you for the detailed feedback, Amanda. I’m going to forward the feature requests that are missing from Prezi Next to our Product Managers.

We understand that autoplay is crucial, it’s already possible in downloaded presentations (previously known as portable prezis).

If you wish customizing your zooming, you can use our Add to zoom are feature where you can manually choose the details you wish to zoom in. For further details, please check this article in our Knowledge Base.

We also have some design tips & tricks on this forum, we also posted some topics about colors, this one can be particularly useful when you need to find out the code of a certain color.

I hope it helps!