Shapes - Part I: Adding and editing shapes

Is your presentation in a good shape? Make it more well-rounded by adding shapes to topic covers, pages, or anywhere else on the canvas.

Adding a shape to your presentation

Adding shapes can not only change the aesthetic appeal of your presentation, but can also help you better convey your message.

For example, you can use a certain shape to substitute the traditional bullet point format, or use shapes when building diagrams.

You might think this makes just a subtle difference, however a relevant or meaningful shape can immediately capture attention, help you better display your content, as well as engage your audience.

To insert a shape into your presentation:

  1. Go to the area where you’d like to add the shape.
  2. Click the Insert button at the top of your screen, then select the Shapes icon.
  3. Find the shape you’d like to add in the sidebar, and drag it on to your canvas.

Editing the color, border, and thickness of shapes

First click on a shape to select it. Then, you will see options for editing the shape appear in the top toolbar. From here, you can adjust the color, border color, and border thickness. You can also select a preset color according to the theme of the template:

Moving, resizing, rotating and deleting shapes

To move: click the shape and drag it anywhere on the canvas. After you’ve moved it to where you would like it to be, release the mouse.
To resize: to adjust the size of a shape, click to select it and drag a corner to make it larger or smaller.
To rotate: Click on a shape to select it. Then hold down the ALTGr key (CTRL+right ALT) in Windows, or CMD for Mac, and drag one of the corners of the box up or down to turn it.
To remove a shape: click on it and press the DELETE/BACKSPACE key on your keyboard. You can also right-click (CMD/CTRL+click) and select Delete from the context menu.