Shapes - Part II: Changing the shape of topics and subtopics

You’ve already added icons, images and shapes to your presentation but still feel like it needs to be spiced up? In case you’re looking for a more extensive makeover, you can also change the look of all your topics and subtopics; from circle to a variety of cool shapes. It only takes a few clicks!

  1. From the editor, click on the Style button at the top of your screen.
  2. Click the three dots (…) next to Shape & Layout to open the sidebar.
  3. From the sidebar, click on a shape to select it. You will see it update on your canvas.

Note: Changing the shape will update all the topics and subtopics in your presentation, in order to keep a consistent look. Topics you later add to the presentation will also have the same shape. You can switch the topic shape anytime, regardless of using a pre-designed or a blank template

Using different shapes

In case you’d like one or more topics/subtopics to be different from the rest, you can also upload a new shape into their topic cover. To do so, you will need to:

  1. Right click on the topic/subtopic and select Advanced topic editing from the context menu.

  2. Select the shape that’s currently in the cover, and delete it by using the backspace (Windows) or delete (Mac) key or by right-clicking on the shape and selecting the Delete option from the context menu.

  3. Click the Insert button at the top of your screen, then select the Shapes icon and click on a new shape to add it to the topic cover.

Similarly, you can add images, icons and text to the topic cover as well.


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