Share complete folder after changing name

We have 2 accounts. Both are Prezi Next. One was used for all the company and at some point was assigned only for corporate personnel. Then the presentations saved for years were put into personalized folders and shared with the other account. So far working well.
We decided to change the name of the folders shared, and none of the accounts allowed the change. After several attempts, we realized that the only way to do it was to unshared the folders, then, change the name and share them again. But now, it shows an error message and we can not share it again. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP

Hi @Corporate_ULC, when creating an account and providing your payment details, you agree to the Terms of Service.
It is against our terms of use to share an account with multiple users. Please see section 3. of the Conditions of use and user conduct for further details.
Please discontinue sharing.
I’m going to send you a private message regarding the licensing.


I am having a similar issue: I could not access my account and therefore the administrator of the accounts transfered all files to a new user account (this one, still mine). The presentations appear all on this account, but do not load when I click on “present”. I would be most thankful for any assitance.

Hi @Rebeca_Taboada,
Could you please send a screenshot of the issue?