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Hello @Raf_claes, could you please tell me the title of the presentation you have shared with her so I can investigate it? :slight_smile:

Ah, okay @Catarina, you have access to the presentation, when I give the name of the presentation? Is there an option that she can explain all her issues to you via chat or in this same conversation topic?
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Hello @Raf_claes, yes, with the title I can locate the presentation and investigate it :slight_smile: But your customer can also write in this post and then I think it will be easier to resolve this issue!

Hi Catarina, please understand that She is a Prezi Classic user and I made my first Prezi presentation in the PreziNext version. I’m a Prezi user since the start of this year. Could this be the issue that she is not able to make a copy? Kind regards, Raf

Hello @Raf_claes, if she only has a Prezi Classic Pro Minus license she won’t be able to make a copy of the presentation.

Hi Catarina, I hope you’re fine.
Unfortunately I’m coming back to you about the ‘editing’ option by my customer. The situation is: I have a one year PreziNext subscription. My customer owns a Prezi Classic account, probably it’s the free application. I have made a new upgraded presentation in the PreziNext version. I would like to share my presentation with my customer with the purpose that they can do further changes and updates. But as I told you, they work in the Prezi Classic version. What can be done to make it flexible for both of us?
Please take into account that they won’t like to subscribe every year for 228 euro. Many thanks in advance. I’m looking forward to offer us the best solution. Best regards, Raf

Hello @Raf_claes, you can simply add them as a collaborator to that presentation, they will be able to access the Next dashboard and edit it :slight_smile: Please note that they won’t be able to make any copies.

Dear Catarina, I added them as collaborator, see attached imaged.
Unfortunately I got already a mail of one of them, that she only can open the file, but
can’t make some changes. What do I or what do we wrong?
Many thanks to bring us that mysterious solution.
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Hello @Raf_claes, I investigated their accounts and I was able to open the presentations in editing mode through Google Chrome. Which browser are they using? Are they clicking on the pencil button to open the editor?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Catarina,
there’s still the same issue. So when I share the presentations, they can only read the presentations. Could you please contact them via this mailaddress?
Is it possible to make a screen recording to show us what you have to see on screen and where to navigate?
P.S.: There is a lot of trouble between Prezi Classic en Prezi Next. I think to end my subscription for PreziNext. There are a lot of desadvantages.
Thanks in advance,
Claes Presentations

Hello @Raf_claes, I’m going to send you a private message so I can assist you :slight_smile:

Okay Catarina, thanks.
You can send me your message to
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I would like to share a prezi with my program director so that she can collaborate. How do I do that?

Hey @Tammi_Parvin I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread, can you check Catarina’s reply above? :slight_smile: