Share screen: audio missing in Zoom

I :heart: the share screen feature in Prezi Video, but I’ve been unable to share the audio. The instructions in the post announcing the screen share option simply says:

Pro Tip: If you’d like to play a video with sound while sharing your screen in Prezi Video, all you have to do is switch to computer audio in your video conferencing tool. Once you played the video, switch back to your microphone so you can continue presenting.

Watching the recent video with Spencer where this was used they were able to do it so automatically… But this isn’t getting me anywhere in Zoom. Does anyone have a screen shot of what this audio setup looks like on their device? TIA

Hi @Jacksonville_Public_Library, thanks for reaching out!

You can share your computer audio on Zoom once you are in the meeting by clicking on Share Screen, then click on Advanced on the top, then select Computer Audio, then Share.

This shares your audio over Zoom, but does not share your screen. If you pair this with the Screen Sharing in Prezi Video your audience should be able to hear the audio of your shared screen.

Hope this helps!

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