Sharing link returning a 404 Lost in Space


Hello - I’m trying to upload my Prezi into my Blogger site for my college and it continues to give a 404 error - lost in space. My privacy setting was set to Private - “People I share it with” and I made multiple links for them to use to no avail. Can you please let me know where I have gone wrong? Thanks!


Hi @Jen_Gilsdorf, could you send us the link in question please so we can look into this? Thanks in advance.


Hi Agnes -

I have set the privacy to be viewable for anyone with these links:

All of them retrieve the 404 message above.

Thank you for your help!


Thanks, all links seem to work fine so the issue most probably is with the embed code.

Cold you share the exact embed code you used so we can check if everything is correct? Thanks in advance.


Great! What is an embed code? I’m fairly new to all of these things still. :grimacing:


Sorry maybe I misunderstood the issue, how exactly/in what form are you trying to share the presentation on your blogger site?


Hi Agnes -

I simply pasted the link into my Blogger (and emailed my professor the link) and every computer besides mine which is logged in, and now yours, will not open my presentation.




Hi Jen, the links you shared work perfectly at our end, and you don’t need a Prezi account to be able to view a presentation from a view link.

As for the blog, please check this article on how to embed a presentation to a website.

As for the link sent via email. it is possible that there is a firewall setting in the school network that is blocking the links, could you ask your professor to open the link from a home or public network?


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