Sharing - make a copy


If I share a presentation, how can they then make a copy for edit for themselves?


Please add that person as a collaborator, then they will be able to make a copy.


One of my direct reports created and shared several presentations with me and other team members. Now, he is gone (no longer works for the company), is there a way we can copy the presentations in order to edit them?


@CHARA_YOUNG You can only create a copy of the presentation if the owner gives you edit rights to it. Please ask the former colleague to add you and/or other team members as collaborators with edit rights to the presentations, then make a copy of them in your own account.

This way you will become the owner of the copy and you can access the presentation even if the owner of the original version deletes the presentation.


So, if we are unable to reach the former employee, does that mean we are unable to copy and edit the presentation?



I’m afraid this is the case unless the owner sets the presentation as public and reusable in which case anybody can make a copy but if it is a private presentation, only the owner can give editing rights to it.