Sharing presentations after cancelling the license



If you’re Prezi Plus user, can you send the presentations you exported to the persons not having Prezi account? Can they simply click on the presentation from the e-mail and watch it without registering to Prezi?

Also, if you cancel the Prezi Plus license or it expires and you do not renew it, can you still freely share by e-mail the presentations you previously made without editing them with persons not having Prezi account? Do the presentations remain on your account under private mode?

Thank you.

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@Kouklitsa Hi, you can share your presentation as an exported file that you send to others, they just have to download this file and they will be able to open and watch it without a Prezi account.

Similarly, you can create and send a view link to others, opening these links does not require a Prezi account either.

Even when your license expires, your private presentations will remain private and you will still be able to use the view links and the exported files you previously created, you just won’t be able to edit them, unless you renew your license.


hi will others be able to open my shared link after my prezi license getting expired.
is it possible to view my prezis using the shared link after the license getting expired

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@Thaya_Govzig Yes, unless you deactivate your view links, they will still be usable after your license expires, you just won’t be able to edit the presentations, but viewing them will still be possible.


Hi ! I’ve shared my presentation via links and there’s no chance we pay for prezi, although I’ve loved it.
Will my links still work when I cancel my account? Thank you!


Hello @Berta_Padilla, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check @Agnes reply above:


Thank you so much Catarina and Agnes! I’ll subscribe back eventually.


Hello @Berta_Padilla, we are glad we could help! :slight_smile: