Sharing Prezi Video with other people

Hello! I have created a Prezi Video which I have presented on a conference call. Can I send this to other people (who have their own license/version of Prezi Video) so that they can present the frames on a conference call themselves?

Hey @Patrick_Hopkins, sharing your Prezi Video is perfectly possible and works similar to sharing a Prezi presentation, simply share the view link to your video with your your recipients and they’ll be able to view it easily!

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hi Sam - would they be able to USE the Prezi Video themselves? So, would they be able to go on a conference call and have the frames I created pop up whilst they talk through them?

Hey Patrick, I think what you need is to set your Prezi Video to be reusable, that way whoever gets a link to it will be able to create their own video while using your slides.

This article should explain it better, let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thank you Sam, this is very helpful. However, it looks like if you make a Prezi Video “reusable” it will appear to everyone. If they contain confidential information, is there a way of limiting access to the reusable Prezi Video so that only certain people can use it?

Hi @Patrick_Hopkins, currently it is not possible to have a video unlisted and private.
I’ll forward your feedback to our developers so they can check on the possibilities.

Now I’m using the Edu Plus license for free from 04-10 ~ 04-25
Can I download the prezi video and upload on Youtube Channel or edit the video and upload?
For sharing video with my students.
If it can’t, I want to know what type of license can do this.

Hello @111285, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You are able to download your video and upload it to Youtube with any kind of license, please check this article to know more about all the share options in Prezi Video :slight_smile:

안녕하세요. 고등학교 교사인데요. 최근 코로나 사태로 인해 온라인으로 수업을 제작해야 하는데

프레지를 이용해서 온라인 수업자료를 만들어서 학생들이 볼 수 있게 공개해도 괜찮은지 궁금합니다.

지금 계정은 교육용 계정입니다.(edu enjoy)

안녕하세요 @Simjin_Jeong, 귀하의 게시물을 관련 스레드와 병합했습니다. Prezi Video로 만든 모든 비디오를 학생들과 공유 할 수 있습니다 :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m from Brazil and I’m thinkink about record a video with my college team for a task. So, I would like to know if there’s a way to record at my computer and after send a link to them, so they can record at their computers. Is there a way? If it is, how I can do it?

I’m trying to do the same thing! It doesn’t seem like there’s anybody at Prezi to actually help us. Worst case scenario, you can change your password to something non-private and share your account with them. This way they can log into your account and record “as you”.

Oh, Hi!! Thank you for the support

Hi @Audrey_Padilla, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
It is possible to set your video as public and reusable so your colleague can reuse the content of the video you have made. You can find more information about this here. :slight_smile:

Hi @Jeremiah_Acosta, sharing your account is against the Terms of Use and it is not allowed. I would suggest the same method as I’ve described above. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

I want to send my video prezi to my colleagues.
The content is not provided for the public audience, that`s why I dont want my colleagues to share the prezi via social media. My question now:

Is it possible to disable the sharing function?

Thx so much for your help!

Hello @Stefan_Gerstmayr, currently it’s not possible to disable the social media sharing feature in Prezi Video, you can only select your videos to be unlisted, so they won’t show up as results in search engines and only people with a link can view them. We will send your feedback to our development team and as soon as we have any updates we will let you know.

Hola, quiero grabar un video prezi pero mi duda es que tengo que compartirlo con más personas, y con otros videos suelo tenerlo descargado y subirlo a drive, y comparto el enlace. en el caso de video prezi, se puede descargar el video en el escritorio para subirlo a plataformas para compartir como wetransfer, drive, etc? gracias

Hola @Raquel, he adjuntado su comentario a la publicación correspondiente.

Puede compartir su vídeo a través de un enlace, o también bajarlo, por favor consulte este artículo para saber más detalles :slight_smile: