Sharing slides in presenter mode using Zoom or Webex

I am very familiar with sharing slides in presenter mode on PowerPoint; the feature in Prezi Next is very similar. However, when I am in presenter mode and share my screen with the audience on Zoom they can see my notes. How do I handle this without the audience seeing my notes? I used the partial screen share mode in Zoom so that my audience would not see my notes but it seems as though this feature would already not allow participants to see my notes.

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Hi @Lori_Porter, if you are using the Presenter view of the Desktop Application you get 2 windows.

The first window shows only your presentation and the second window shows your presentation and your presenter notes.

In case you share your complete screen with all your windows via Zoom or Webex, it is inevitable that the audience might see the content of all your windows be it a Prezi window, a Google Chrome window, or an opened file or folder. This is a feature of the screen sharing on Zoom or Webex if you decide to share your complete screen.

If you want to use the presenter view with screen sharing I would advise you to selectively share only the presenting window so you avoid sharing the one that contains your notes.


Hi Bart, Selective sharing of presenting window is allowing both the presenting and presenter view windows to be visible in Zoom. You can verify this. (However, as expected it is not allowing other windows like chrome or acrobat or file folder. But when we switch tab to presenter view, it shows up in zoom to other participants)

Hey everyone, we’ve found a workaround that might help.

  • On Windows, click on Task view as per below:

  • Then, add a new desktop and put the zoom meeting and the window with your presentation there:

  • On this second desktop enter full-screen mode in the presentation window - if you click on the blue Present button, it should go fullscreen automatically.

  • Share your screen on Zoom on this second desktop and select the window with the presentation’s title.

  • Click on Presenter view at the bottom of the presentation - this should take you back to your first desktop, where you have your notes and control the presentation from there.

Hopefully this helps!

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This did not end up working for me.

Hi @Kelly_Jackson, could you please tell me a bit more details about the issue you are facing?

You can read the discussion I had with one of your co-workers yesterday.


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Hi @Kelly_Jackson, my colleague will be getting back to you shortly. :slight_smile:

Hi - the audience can see my notes to my Prezi when I share on Zoom. I click presenter view and they can still see my notes. With zoom, whilst you can select a proportion of a window, this is not helpful, because the slides appear blurred as they are not in full presentation mode, and audience can still see my notes. Please help!

Hi @Natalie_Leal, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answer above?

Please note that you can also use Prezi Video to share your presentation with your camera feed (or only presentation) and this way you don’t have to share your screen.

I’m testing Prezi as a product to use in my presentations and for now, with Webex the solution seems to be too resource consuming. Everything becomes too slow and the presentation loses all quality and impact.
Question: I’m also testing with Zoom and Skype, although they are applications with less security that I would like to avoid. What other video conferencing applications can I use with Prezi and what suggestion do you have about the slowness issues.

Hey @Rui_Gomes we’ve tailored Prezi Video primarily for Zoom and Webex, however any other conferencing applications should work with Prezi Video as you simply set your default camera to Prezi Video on Chrome - we’ve seen users using it successfully in Google Meets for instance.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hi, there. When I share my screen in a Zoom meeting and press “presenter view” it automatically exits full screen. Does anyone know how I can I can view my presenter notes while remaining in full screen and not showing the Zoom audience my notes?

Hi @Kate_Hill ! Welcome to the Prezi forum :slight_smile:

I have merged your post to the relevant thread.

For this issue, I recommend using the Prezi Video desktop application instead of Prezi Next, as Prezi Video was developed specifically to share your presentations via conferencing tools, whereas Present would be more suitable for presenting offline.
With Prezi Video, you can choose whether you would like to appear next to the content, or you can share the content only, which would be similar to screen sharing your presentation.

I hope this was helpful!