Shortcut keys to jump to a topic in a prezi

In an interactive presentation the story line might not match the discussion that starts. If the presenter could assign shortcut keys (one way: g - for goto and a number) to jump to a specific point. Then (s)he only needs a cheat sheet. So a node would have a property “Shortcut”. Like f to jump to the finance table, k to the Kindergarden movie etc. Shortcut keys would be visible when drawing/editing the story line.

Ooooh! What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing this! Right now, I just zoom out to an overview and then click on what I want to talk about, but I will share this idea about path shortcuts with the team.

Please note that we get hundreds of fantastic feature requests from our users and we’re constantly working to develop new features so we can’t guarantee if/when a feature you request will be released.

You can achieve path jumping with my clickable arrows - place them where you need and you can go back and forth as you wish.



Link is broken !