Shortcuts for switching between presenter and content views

Are there any shortcut keys that can be used to switch between presenter only, presenter + content, and content only mode when recording a video. The buttons are so small and so far away from the camera that I have to look away from the camera to click them and, well, it makes me look shifty-eyed in my video. Even better would be if I could just set it for each frame and have Prezi make the shift automatically but based on other topics I’ve found, it doesn’t seem like this is possible.

Hi @Barbara_Baksa, there are shortcuts for changing the views, they are the number 1 - 2 - 3 on your keyboard. :slight_smile:
I would recommend you to check out all the shortcuts in this article.

Thanks! this is very helpful!


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Is there a way, after embedding a video in video feature, to make the video being played full screen?

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Hi there:

I want to change the assigned shortcuts for content modes (no content, content + presenter, content full screen). They used to be simply the keyboard numerals 1, 2, 3 on my mac. Easy and simple with one hand and no looking down. Now its ⌘B, ⌘1 and ⌘2, which is harder to operate without looking at my keyboard and losing audience engagement.

Thanks for your kind assistance.

Best wishes, Ralf

Hi @Ralf_Humphries, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Thank you for your feedback.
To provide you more insight into why we’ve adjusted the Prezi Video hotkeys, we are aligning to the best practices of Apple and Windows hotkey patterns, where an additional ctrl/cmd/alt/fn is included for all shortcuts.

With that said, we plan to continue to monitor feedback around this topic to keep learning and improving Prezi Video so that it meets your needs.
Please keep your feedback coming so we can continue to build a better product together.

Thank you again!

hi Bart: THanks for your kind reply. Thought that might be the case. However, since there’s little risk, in this instance, of using a keystroke that clashes with something else, the numbers on their own can work fine, dont you think?

Hi @Ralf_Humphries, thanks for the mention, I will forward this to our product team.

@Bart, I would like to second @Ralf_Humphries request to return to the one-key shortcuts for toggling between no content, content, and content + presenter views in Prezi video. I think that you have a valid reason to deviate from Apple and Windows standards. I can’t hit the combo keys without breaking eye contact with the camera.

@Ralf_Humphries, I did discover that you can toggle between the content and content + presenter views by clicking on the content with your mouse. If you click anywhere on the content, it will switch to the other view (i.e., if you are in content + presenter and click on the content, it will zoom to full screen and then if you click on it again, it will zoom back down to partial screen). I find this easier to use than the hot keys.

I’ve also started using Prezi Present to create my video content. This allows me to set up all of my views in advance–for each “slide” in the presentation, I can place my content to be full screen or partial screen, or I can omit all content for it to be presenter only. Then I import it into Prezi Video and it automatically toggles between all the views I have set up as I advance through the presentation; I don’t need the toggle hot keys at all. I admit that I didn’t find Prezi Present as intuitive as Prezi video, but Prezi has a one-hour training on it (available live or on demand) that was super helpful. And it allows me to use my own color scheme, which is a big plus for me.

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