Shortcuts that’ll change your life


…well, your presentation anyway. Create presentations faster than ever before with a few of our favorite shortcuts:

Copy and Paste

You can even copy an entire topic and place it elsewhere in your presentation.



Rotate and Resize

Adjust an object, shape or image ‘til it’s perfect.



Draw a rectangle to select multiple objects and edit them all at once.


To learn more about shortcuts, check this article in our Knowledge Base.


Two “adjustments”:

  1. In Windows 10 you may need to hold CTRL + ALT + drag for the rotation option to appear.

  2. Also speaking from a Windows 10 machine, to resize equally on all sides, so that it gets bigger or smaller from its center point, use the CTRL + drag option. To resize the way you have shown in above illustrations, where one corner remains in place while you are resizing from the opposite corner, you can simply drag a corner without holding any key. It’s nice to have both options!

These are outlined in the article you have linked at the bottom, actually, but just in case someone doesn’t click there to clarify, I think it helps to have the Windows 10 exceptions mentioned. Not sure if there were any others? :thinking: Leave it to Microsoft to complicate matters… :wink:


Thanks a lot for the clarifications, @Plastic_Ingenuity! :blush: