Showing the presentation on a Tablet Samsung. Does it work?


Good morning. I am doing a presentation for a client but He told me that on a Tablet ( Samsung) the presentation Off Line doesn’t work correctly. The navigation flows only with the arrow forward and backward but not how the presentation should work.
Could You help me, Am I wrong in some setting or something else? Many thanks.
Whoever answer me is more than welcome. It’s quite urgent :slight_smile:


@Stefano_Pierucci I am really sorry for the late response.

Presentations on Android/iOS devices had to be first saved for offline use within the Prezi Viewer app in order to be able to use them properly. We also tested it on an Android tablet and it seemed to work properly.

I really hope you were able to resolve the issue and once again I apologise for the delay.


Dear Agnes
Thanks for the answer.

Maybe I understood why it didn’t work.

The reason seems to be due to the fact that who see or show the presentation has to be a logged user and included in the list of the cooperator. Only after this step, the user of the tablet can show properly the presentation.

Many thanks