Simple black/white icons & symbols (as in Prezi Classic)


Why does Prezi Next have only some of the old Prezi Classic icons and not all of them. The Simple Black and White ones were especially useful but not available in Prezi Next.

Import Prezi Classic Icons

Thanks for the feedback, Robin. We’ve taken note!


The black ones & white ones were my favorite Classic icons as well. :slight_smile:


Yes, please! I am redoing our classic prezi into the next prezi and would like to use the black and white sketch icons, but they’re not available. We prefer those over the ones currently available. Is there an indication of when we can expect these in Prezi next?


There are currently no plans to transfer all Classic icons to Next. I’m sorry if you are used to working with these from before. If you only need a few specific ones, then as a workaround, you could takes screenshots, and add those to your Next presentation.


try going to for some really great, simple black icons!


Robin et al., I have finally figured out a way to transfer the black/white icons & symbols from Prezi Classic to Prezi Next. It takes several steps, but it works!

  1. Download a Prezi Classic presentation, which contain the old icons to your account such as this one:

  2. Download the Prezi to your desktop as a zip file.

  3. Extract the zip file and access the SWF folder, which will contain all the images in SWF format.

  4. Use the following link to convert the SWF file to SVG:

  5. Use the following link to convert the SVG file you just created to a PNG file:

Now you should have a PNG file you can import into your Prezi Next presentation.


Is there any chance to have any white icon? All of them ar black, colour or black outlined.


@IDENTI see above and check out The Noun Project for all-white icons:



Please see our post on our three new integrations, one of them being more than 80,000 icons!