Simple workaround for poster-sized prints of a prezi

A poster could be used as a after-presentation hand-out.

Wow great idea!
We really should do this

The idea is a good solution, while folks at Prezi develop a printing feature, as I read.

Anyway, screenshots have a too low resolution for printings… i mean, the printed image is blurry and you can’t read (or even notice) the smallest words.

I tried forcing a high resolution on my screen, but a 1280x1024 resolution screenshot isn’t enough yet to be printed on an A3 sheet.

I also tried printing on an A4 Sheet, but words actually turn into dots. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the software is really good and simple, keep it up like this and improve!

great idea. a great solution would be to set the print size and resolution (like A1, 300 dpi). this will insert a frame marginally larger, than the whole canvas used in the prezi. now you could interactively change this A1 frame to include/exclude parts of the canvas. and then hit the “Print” button to export as pdf or directly to a printer…
oh, that would be sooooo lovely!

A student of mine also suggested printing a big poster of the entire canvas. Or maybe a specific selection.

If the output would be vector based that would be great (No need to set dpi).

Can this be done already by printing the pdf files?

No. The PDF creates a bitmap (pixel based) PDF.

Great idea.
Using prezi for learning. Having a few posters to reinforce the points would be really good.

It says planned… Any news? or is it dead?

Wonder if this would work?…


The new print function is great, but it does not create pdfs with enough resolution so as to have big posters printed.
My plan is to display the overall layout of my prezi on a printed poster in my final year project’s presentation and distributing ipads for audience so they zoom into the details they are interested in at their own pace!
please advise!

It’s time that Prezi starts listening to its costumers. We are still waiting for a better print option. If you want Prezi to become popular in an academic enviroment, you have to gap the bridge between the digital Prezi future and the way seminars, conferences and poster programs are currently organized: still often centered around analog printouts in the form of posters and handouts.

They are probably limited on resources to implement all our demands and ideas as rather then them not willing to listen to us!
What needs improving is whether or not specific ideas have been adopted or not, and a tentative timeline for completion…
They need to also hire more developers? i dunno but I’m seeing so much demand here met with little supply, this is not customary in this capitalist society we live in… perhaps they need to charge us a little more or perhaps we need to calm down and be patient!

I really want to print a large scale poster of my entire prezi!

Me to

I just was as a “Learn to use Prezi” workshop and one of our faculty members mentioned how if you could print large posters (30 inch by 60 inch) that Prezi would be the perfect tool for poster making. And as we make at least 1-2 posters a year, it would be well worth it.

Any posibility for high-res exports of the main Prezi layout in an image format? Something such as a JPEG format would be able to be directly printed from at a Kinko’s. PDF format could be good as well but often times special characters and images can be altered in PDF format.

Hi everybody,

sad that there is no progress on this matter. It seems that there are
quite a lot of users who really need this feature. I gathered all the
threads on this topic and tagged them with “poster printing”.

To summarize all discussions: There is currently no good way of printing
a poster. All suggested solutions do not really work. What people need
is a vector image of the full canvas, so that it can be printed out on a
large poster in A0 or A1 format.

Here are the discussed solutions:

(1) Make a lot of identically sized frames, take screen shots and stitch everything together:

> I defined a frame at a size which would show up the lowest level of
> detail; then I replicated that frame (ensuring they were all lined up
> - not easy and time consuming - if I remember I ended up with 400+
> frames).

> Then I used some keystroke automation software to move through the
> frames and take a screen shot of each frame. Then I used some command
> line open source stitching software to create a single (huge) jpg -
> ImageMagik (if memory serves).

> Hope this helps… was *REALLY* a painful - but ended up with a very
> good quality image (it was about 50Mb)

(2) Convert your Prezi to a swf file and import it into Adobe Illustrator

> here’s a video by slidedynamic, which tell you, how to make an swf
> file from your Prezi:

> If you get an swf file you can open it with Adobe Illustrator and make
> a poster from it! (However I never tried this process, and this is not
> an official solution, but if you have the result, the experience will
> be welcomed on this forum! :-)))

All other threads did not yield any usable solution.

I’m wondering why all of the help replies from Prezi reps refer to a slidedynamic video that has been removed due to copyright complaints BY PREZI, INC. This does not makes any sense.

I too would advocate strongly for this feature.

It is ekstremly usefull in combination with graphic facilitation.

Communicating your idea through prezi and subesequently printing out the “full view” as a poster for the object of subsequent disscussion putting it up by the watercooler.

This could be implementet as print to pdf in vector format.

Basically the vide says: download the protaple presentation Prezi, open the zip archive, locate a large swf file inside and extract it, open that in Illustrator and convert it into a pdf.

Hi We are waiting for this feature. Could you indicate when it is planned to be launched?