Simplifying animations?

I still hear occasionally from people who get motion sick at any of the usual Prezi animations, like a pan or a zoom. Is there a way to turn these off, so that you basically teleport from one zoom-to area to the next?

You would lose some of the big picture by not panning and zooming, but it might be worth if you have motion sick prone audience members. You could still “teleport” to the big picture and show it, even if you don’t zoom out.

Hello @Derek_Bruff, thanks again for the detailed feedback!

Currently, there is no way to simplify the animations directly. However, you can use Stack topics in your presentation. These work with crossfade animations without any movements, so most of the movement can be avoided.

There is an initial zoom-in from the overview and a zoom-out at the end. You can take off the edge of these if you enlarge the Stack topic zoom area (or the whole topic) as much as you can on your overview.

Hope this helps!

Using stacks absolutely makes a difference. But imo it makes it more like a powerpoint.
I often hear that al lot of people really like the motion. It also does something psychologically with many, more dynamic, movement in the story, feeling of innovation and bc. it’s so different from other presenter software it keeps attention better in my experience.

So maybe start with a short warning slide (like those warning for epilepsy in flickering movies) and advice to wear anti-motion-sickness-glasses, prism-glasses or take anti-motion-sickness medication. Provide these when presenting on site :), glasses if they have to drive home themselves, though i’m not sure if they really work but they sure make your audience look funnier.

But seriously now: putting topics, images, zoom areas closer to each other and without much difference in size may also help.

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I’ve been told by a handful of people that any movement animation makes them sick, so the warning slide, even if done thoughtfully doesn’t solve the problem.

I was hoping for a platform solution here. I can imagine finding out one of these sensitive people is in my audience, and then turning off the movement animations, so that all the transitions are instantaneous. That way, I could use the same prezi for any audience.

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