Simultaneous collaboration.

The collaborative tool is a great idea, but i dont really feel i can use it until edits made simultaneously are saved. Unless i am mistaken, a brief experient suggested that if two people work on a prezi at the same time, only those edits made by whoever pressed save last are preserved. Enabling simultaneous edits would make this ability much more powerful.

Simultaneous edits needn’t show a live feed of what others are doing, just to preserve the edits by all parties after saving.

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FYI, you should take a look at the way the wire-framing tool MockFlow ( handles simultaneous collaboration. They seem to have really figured it out.



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what do you like in it? Can you please sum up the good properties of mockflow?


I agree, multiple edits are a must. Without multple edits available, we run the risk of destroying any presentation made/editted by our group. Currently, he who saves last wins. A simple fix would to be at least tell the users if another person is editting the Prezi.

Love prezi so far and am still learning how to utilize it. badly would like to see this integrated – the idea of our copywriters, our art and layout people all working live in this environment – ripping out a presentation in a matter of minutes – besides being able to mind map and brainstorm together – would be an unbelievable addition to an already great program. and it may be a lot of work to integrate but would be ideal for the non-linear audience you serve.

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you can use simultaneous collaboration now. Just open meeting menu in the top menu.


Hi Peter, I love the simultaneous collaboration. I just purchased Prezi about a week ago and was using Prezi collaborative with my boss.

We were both on firefox however, and it appeared that the positioning was not consistent on my screen versus his screen. He would put things into place and it would appear as the text were overlapping and misplaced. I would move it into place and it would appear disorganized on his screen. We stopped collaborating simultaneous as we thought it was still buggy.

I couldn’t find this on the list of known problems. Is this one of them?

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