Single sign-on with Google or Google Apps

Our school, along with many others have started using google apps for education. It would be great if prezi offered a single sign-on solution for google and google apps accounts. If it could automatically associate google apps for education accounts with prezi student/teacher accounts it would be even better.

Hey, thanks for posting the idea - we love hearing from our users, as we strive to make Prezi a smoother experience. When we are able to deliver features requested by our users, we post an update here.


I second this idea

Any movement on this? This would save a lot of headaches.

I third this. We are a large enterprise on Google Apps and would love to make Prezi available to those who were interested under our Google Apps Domain.

I would also love to have a SSO solution with google apps.

If this is implemented how do we set it up?



I can use my Google App account to log in to “Get Satisfaction” but not Prezi. Am I missing something?

I am a middle school teacher and all of my students have Google Apps log ins, but they are not given access to e-mail. There is no way for my students to respond to a verification e-mail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Has anything happened from this?

My students are incredibly problematic when it comes to remembering passwords. It’d be great if I could just have them use one login.

Several of my students wanted to use their facebook logins but it was blocked by the district.

Any update on this request which is now 4 years old! It would be great addition.

i cant find how to post my question can u help me with this?
i have installed prezi…when m clickng on its shrtcut and logging it is displaying me an error not connected to prezi .com?

Prezi offers SSO with Facebook and LinkedIn, but not Google accounts. 

Adding Google Apps for Education SSO would be so incredibly useful in schools. With more and more schools now using GAFE, it would seem like an obvious thing to do to alleviate some of the sign in issues that schools are experiencing.

Please can this be added soon!

Any movement on adding the GAFE SSO?

I would really like to see Prezi coordinate with Google classroom too.

Please continue to look into Google SSO. Peer pressure.  Everyone’s doing it.  All joking aside, Prezi is an immensely popular presentation tool in schools, and most schools these days are using Chromebooks.  Google SSO would be a massive time saver.

7  years ago this was posted… not implemented or even on your roadmap? that’s not great, given it’s quite a secure approach to managing access to cloud based applications - we’d want to do this using our Azure AD SSO

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So there is still no ability to log in using Google log ins???

very cool… but I didn’t see that option…