skip part of a path or join a path midway through, live

Give me a way to skip over a section of my path, for example if I need to shave time off my presentation. I would be happy with a feature where if I clicked on an element or frame to zoom in on it, and that element or frame is part of the path, then I can pick up the path from that point regardless of where in the path I was before the click.

That is actually what happens. If you click away from your path to zoom into something, then click the “next” or right arrow it will take you to the path point that comes after the object you zoomed into - hope that makes sense (can be hard to describe in email). It won’t take you to the path point where you left off - it will take you to the next path point after the object.

But as I read your comment more I realize (I think) that you want the path to pick up where you left off before zooming in - I have noted this idea! If we’re able to deliver this requested feature, we’ll post an update here. Thanks for the suggestion!


No, Angelie, you interpreted me correctly the first time: I do NOT want to continue with the original path; I want to skip a big chunk of my path, leaping ahead to save time. I’m glad you say that’s what happens, but I’m confused because that’s not what I seemed to get when I tried it. I shall have to experiment some more; maybe I jumped to conclusions too quickly. (Thanks for responding!)

Angelie, I am having difficulty with this feature. Sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll be going through my prezi, stop to zoom in on something further along in the path, and then click the navigation buttons again to resume from that point but it goes way back to some other point rather than resuming from the point where I just zoomed in. Am I doing something wrong?

I’m just testing at the moment but it doesn’t join the path from the zoom point.
If I skip from 4 to 8 , I would expect it to go to 9 on next but it instead jumps to 5.

Just checking, and it actually works on objects but not frames. Is there a work around or do you have to zoom to object level?