in Prezi Next


I’ve been doing some more searching, apparently there is this article:

that is saying Prezi works with to do polling.

How does this work with Prezi Next?


Poll Everywhere in Prezi Next?

Currently, the only way to insert a slido poll is by copying its URL to the presentation.


Thank you Vanda, this is not acceptable for my clients I’m afraid.
Is there any polling software in the roadmap?


It’s not on our short term roadmap, I’m afraid, but we’ll keep monitoring this request.



Hey ,
just wanted to ask if there is a pollingsoftware on the short term road map since last year?

Because have to do some Presentations infront of around 100 People and don’t want to switch every time into the web browser to show the results or something else.

Would be great to get an answer fast =)




@Sven_Maassen this feature was not prioritized to be on the short-term roadmap yet, I’m afraid. If we have any updates, we’ll make sure to share it in this thread.


Well okay that’s bad -.- Guess i will delete my Prezi Account then. Normaly would prefere Prezi for Presentations but if there is no options for polling something its bad. Looks like i have to deal with Powerpoint again…