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Hi everyone!

When creating a presentation with a template from Prezi, I want to maintain the icons and topics that appear, but for some of them I do not want to go into details because I do not have anything to say.
That is to say, I want to remove the presentation link (it does not go through that topic), but I do not want to remove the picture or the icon, is this possible?


@Jorge_Ortega Could you send us the link of the presentation in question so we can take a look? Thanks in advance.


I want to remove the thrid slide (organization), but I do not want to remove the icon in case I want to say something about it.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

@Jorge_Ortega Thanks, I created a Support Copy for you, please check it among your presentations.

If you select the elements of the topic cover and copy+paste them, you can delete the topic and will still have the icon as if it was part of the presentation path when in fact it will not be included.

However, you can still zoom to the icon in case you decide to talk about it in detail!

Got it! Thanks a lot Agnes :slight_smile:

Really supportive!!