Slow performance even when Prezi is idle. High CPU and memory

Running Prezi desktop and just editing a normal Prezi presentation. Went away for lunch and left the editor open. Came back and CPU is running hot with fan and Windows PC performance is very sluggish. Prezi is consuming a huge amount of memory and CPU:

I close Prezi desktop and came back in and everything is back to normal. This happens all the time and the workaround is to always restart the Prezi editor. Also related, that during normal editing, I can never use Prezi without plugging in a power adapter as it consumes the battery too quickly.

I have a MSI gaming laptop with 16GB RAM, NVIDIA card, and 1T SSD. An overkill of hardware for any editor. All other apps and editors run fine with normal battery consumption.

Hi @JJ_JJ, I’ve forwarded this to our developers, I’ll get back to you once we have any news!