Smooth out .pngs

An idea that could be implemented without the loss of simplicity is the smoothing of .png. I’m a Flash designer and know some actionscript and for as far as I know, it’s quite easy to smooth out .png images (that is, if Prezi is actually built with actionscript). I tried to make a presenation filled with pdf files (vector). It looks awesome, but it’s a no-go performance wise. So now I have to use pngs, but it looks gritty.

This would be really helpful. I too am forced to convert everything to pdf first.

Hi Both,

this is coming in the next release.


When is this next release due?

Is this already implemented? Flash Player or Prezi Desktop?

If this is mplemented in Prezi 3 Desktop, doesn’t work with my png.

It isn ́t implemented yet… isn ́t it?

We just released a smoothing feature for videos and pictures to prevent them from being displayed pixelated when zooming in close. Only in the online editor though, for now not in PreziDesktop.

I see this was over a year ago - I am trying to upload PNGs and they are still a little rough, what resolution should I use?