Snap to grid

Snap to grid. Prezi is importing my PDF’s at an angle and takes a lot of time and careful maneuvering to get everything perfectly horizontal. I really would like some sort of snap to grid option for 0*, 45*, 90* etc. so that everything is aligned.

Hi Rgyle,

try holding down the shift key while rotating. This should do the trick.


Thanks Peter, that works but a snap to grid feature would be nice too. CTRL click to select all elements you want to align and snap them. Shouldn’t all additions automatically load exactly paralell to the grid? Often things seem ever so slightly off (maybe I accidently rotated them with the zebra?)

Excellent! Glad there *is* a snap to grid feature since I find it is all too easy to get just slightly off parallel.

However, please add a note in the manual etc. about this function which as far as I can tell was not listed (certainly searching the manual for “snap” came up empty).

There are so many great features of Prezi that are currently either undocumented or obscurely documented - it would be great to see an improvement on this front.


Please somebody tell me how to align/snap with a mac. I’m really aggravated that the tutorial makes it look easy but tells us nothing.

The Mac has a [Shift] key as well, just press and hold it while moving or rotating an object with the Zebra tool.

Snap to grid seems to work while moving, but when I’m dragging a new Frame, for example, I want it to snap to the grid. So, how can I drag a rectangle where the edges of the rectangle are on grid lines?

Only with a very steady mouse-hand, I’m afraid. You could try holding Shift while creating the frame, then it will be of the dimension ration 4:3. You can also duplicate frames by pressing CTRL+D.

Please add a snap-to-grid function? I’m a graphic designer and the snap-to-grid function is a true necessity. The more I use Prezi, the more I can see a use for that sort of functionality. Sometimes the centers on images or text blocks do not align, and having a grid to snap to would make laying these presentations out much easier. I understand not everybody wants to work this way, but I’m sure many of us do!

Sorry to be pedantic, but the current ‘snap to grid’ functionality is not really snapping to THE grid, but an invisible grid. Unfortunately, this grid (or its fix points) appears to change each time I zoom in and out. It even happens when I go back to the same zoom I used before.


I’m relatively new to prezi, so any advice would be appreciated.

Prezi is just not a tool for professionals. No real aligning, no real grid, no real sizes. Everything is just “measure by the eye” - Or you have to help yourself with creating lines and size measurements - So weird we are paying for this - Even more weird, in every post people asking for standard functionalities - in post which are years old - and nothing has changed since then!!! Not in 3 years. What are you guys doing the whole time? 

I’ve been working with a Prezi file for a client over the past couple of days and I’m amazed at how poor this software is. Adobe could knock something out in a month that would blow this out of the water. Just sloppy interface - fiddly, non-intuitive. Really awful. The crazy thing is, if the general idea wasn’t so good, it would have vanished years ago - it seems people persist with all of Prezi’s “quirks” because of the look and feel they can’t get from Powerpoint.