Snapping grid feature broken on Topic covers


I am no longer able to align using the grid snapping feature on any Topic or Subtopic covers. All of my Prezis are affected (so not just a particular/new presentation). Can you please look into this?


Sorry for the inconvenience, we are looking into this. Could you please send a screencast?



@Lana I provided a link that should show you what I mean. Please let me know once it has been viewed & no longer needed (because I will likely remove it from our system eventually). Thanks!


Thank you for the link.

We have forwarded the issue to the responsible team, and in the meantime, I would like to offer a workaround:

  1. Copying and pasting anything while you are already in the cover edit mode will automatically place it in the middle.

  2. Adding two objects instead of one (the second one can be later deleted) generates the grid and helps you align the objects against each other. So, for example, you can add an object in the very middle and align the other object based on the centered one.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience in connection to this.


Hi! I have the same problem with snapping grid feature failure. Is there a particular solution you could recommend? I am almost done with editing my prezi but just stuck with this problem now. My deadline is tonight, would really appreciate your urgent help with fixing that.

Thank you


@Vasily_Chernikov @Lana I recently found that if you drag the item (the one you are trying to center) so that it breaks outside the topic cover box (usually a dashed line blue box appears as I move the item around) so drag it really far away until the box disappears and then drag it back over the topic and the alignment grid functions again. You have to do it every time. See if that also works for you? I don’t have time to record my screen at this exact moment, apologies, but maybe if time allows later I can show you if you don’t follow…


Thank you for your advice! I am sorry that i am writing here but i actually have this problem with Prezi Classic and the trick you shared does not sadly work. Do you know anyone alse who could urgently help me with that?

Thank you very much in advance!


I would start here:


Thank you! I did send the request there but the thing is that i need it to be solved super urgent and can not afford waiting for 1 business day to get the response from the support team… :frowning: So i was hoping anyone from here could help


@Vasily_Chernikov as you are already in contact with one of my colleagues via, I believe they are assisting you in the fastest manner.


@Lana, thank you very much! I really hope your colleagues could find the solution asap.


@Lana with the latest update, the workaround is no longer working either, I can’t center my text again!


@Plastic_Ingenuity, do I understand correctly that this workaround does not work?

I have just tested it with the newest desktop app version, it works for me, please see here.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You can see my screenshot here where I copied the text from one bubble “FOCUS AREA 3”, and when I pasted it into the larger bubble (it was selected at the time) on the left, that’s exactly where it went (un-centered), I did not move it there.

Plus, if I do move it around (or resize, which I do often), I don’t want to have to delete & start over, so are the gridlines going to come back? They’re definitely one of my favorite features and quite helpful in every single Prezi I make.

Adding that I am in the desktop app as well.


I have looked into copy-pasting once again and I believe that the step that you might be skipping is going into ‘Edit topic cover’. I have recorded a GIF with the steps that I make, I hope it is helpful:

If you would like to resize while also keeping the object in place, you need to hold Alt while resizing:

Also, if you would like to adjust the placement of the text on the cover, you can use the arrow keys for slight readjustment.

I hope this helps!


I will look into this in depth @Lana a bit later today, thank you for the reply, but at first glance, I don’t think I’m missing the step… It’s more about what happens when you aren’t able to cut & paste for auto-centering in the first place. I’ll see if I have a chance to record my screen, but it’s cumbersome to do so with my limited recording resources. And, any chance you could confirm or deny the specific question about the snap-to gridlines that were once there- are they away for good or is there a plan to bring them back?


@Plastic_Ingenuity, I have contacted the responsible team and, unfortunately, at the moment there is no definite time for when there will be gridline in the desktop application. Nevertheless, I made sure to let them know that the feature is inquired about. I apologize for any inconvenience this might be causing.


My workaround works again (explained above, if anyone else hasn’t seen/wants to scroll), so I can make do for now! Thanks for keeping the thread updated if/when a change occurs.