Some images in Prezi on iPad ruined


Half the images in a Prezi when viewed in the iPad app appear completely decoded and unrecognisable. They are fine on desktop. (This example is actually three photos) What can I do?.


Hello, @Alex_Curtis. Sorry you are experiencing this.

Could you please let us know the specifications of your iPad and the version of your Prezi Viewer app?


Hi Lana. I am using Apple iPad 4 and downloaded Prezi from the app store yesterday.


Thank you for the response. Could you please also send us a link to the presentation so we could test it?





I am having the exact same problem. I Airplay from my ipad to my Apple TV and many of my images look scrambled like this too. I tried more than one presentation and they are all doing the same thing.
Please help!


@Shauna_DuBourdieu Sorry for the inconvenience, we reported the issue to the development team and will post any updates here as soon as possible.


Same trouble with Prezi viewer. Uninstalled the Prezi lite editor that worked fine and now it is no more available. Ipad mini model mf432ty/a


@Dante_Santarelli We are sorry for the inconvenience, the responsible development team is already looking into this issue and we will post any updates in this thread as soon as the problem is resolved.


Got the last IOS (Ipad mini) update. Still trouble with images. Since the dismissed prezi editor app for ipad was woirking, can I have a link for re-install it?


@Dante_Santarelli Sorry for the late response.

The fix for this bug was released on 24 October so it should be working properly now.

Please let me know if you are still experiencing the same problem and we will look into it.


Still not working. Same grabage images. Isn’t really not possible to get back to old prezi editor?


@Dante_Santarelli Could you send us the link of the presentation and make sure you have the latest version of the Prezi Viewer app? Thanks in advance.


Here it is the link, but you have to open with viewer for ipad mini as
harware board as I previusly described

Best regards



Thank you for the link to the presentation.

We will forward the information to the responsible team and will get back to you as soon as we have an update.


Based on the model of your iPad, it appears that the iOS cannot be updated further than 9.3.5, and that, unfortunately, means that we cannot really help with this issue anymore, I am afraid.