"Sorry! Only one user can edit the path at a time." error

Prezi won’t let me make any edits to my presentation, though I know that I have been the only one making edits. I was able to make edits this morning at 3AM, though I did run into problems when I logged into prezi on my tablet and laptop. I have logged out of prezi, exited & saved the prezi, and cleared my cookies and cache on both platforms, but am still running into this error message. Is there any way I can kick out everyone from editing the path or something like that? Thanks!

Hi Vera,

I did log out of all the devices I used to edit my Prezi. I have had them all restart as well. Still, the problem persists. Can you please show me a way that I can see which IP addresses are connected to the Prezi in edit path mode? Or is there any way to end that open session remotely? Thank you.