Sound in prezis via Prezi Remote


I’m using Prezi Viewer on my iPhone to progress through my slides in Prezi Desktop on my MacBook Pro. I have several topics with the videos added to them. But when my path in the Prezi leads me into one of these slides, the video starts playing on the iPhone as well as in the Prezi Remote and the sound comes only from the iPhone. Usually, I stand at the back of the class when I present my Prezis on the MacBook which is standing in the front part of the class and I cannot let the sound come from my iPhone in my hands, I need it to emerge from the MBP. Is there anything that can be done with this matter? Maybe I’m doing something wrong… Thanks in advance!

Hi @Lyubov_Berezina, I have tested this and I’ve got the same issue on my end. I am reporting this to our developers so they can check on the issue. We will update this thread if we have any news.

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