Sound keeps cutting out

Every time I try to create a video using Prezi Video, there are audio issues during playback; specifically the sound keeps cutting out. Help?

More info: I recently used Prezi Present with Zoom to deliver a 60-minute seminar, and it worked great. Now I’m looking to record the Prezi to make it available on-demand. I’ve divided it into 4 videos and have now spent hours unsuccessfully trying to record them. In each video, there are issues with the visuals lagging (taking a few seconds for the image to come into full resolution) but the primary issue is that the audio will cut out for several seconds every minute or so. As I’m recording, my input volume still indicates that sound is being detected. I checked out the tips you recommend, but that doesn’t help.

I’m using Mac OS 11.2.3 with an external mic (no issues with the mic itself); there’s 35GB of space on my computer and I’m using the desktop version of Prezi Video.

Any advice?

Hi @Rebeca_Mojica, could you please send us example videos where our developers could investigate the issue closer?

Could you also let me know about the exact model of the external camera?

I figured it out! I moved my setup right next to my WiFi router and that solved the issue, both the sound issue and the image resolution. Hopefully this may be helpful if someone else is having the same issue.