Space for description under Prezi title

Any chance we could get this back (a section to describe the Prezi in more detail, in addition to the title)? I have included an image to show how it appears in an email Prezi Next link on top vs. Prezi Classic link second.

The opening (view) page of a Next presentation is very different from that of a Classic presentation, where the descriptions were added in Classic. I’m not sure where it would make sense to add it in the current structure in Next. That said, thanks for sharing, let’s see if others also miss this feature.

Thanks, sounds good! I understand what you’re saying. It was/is just a helpful space to utilize for specifically when I email links, to provide that touch more info with perhaps someone else’s contact info, and/or some company teasers when applicable. It’s nice as a matter of convenience, because I can accomplish the same thing when I type it out into the body of my email, of course. Thanks for the consideration! (Also, the little slash line that still floats below the Prezi Next link looks a bit misplaced now, so if nothing will be using that space, perhaps it can simply be removed?)

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Makes sense, @Plastic_Ingenuity, thanks for the details. Will look into the slash, thanks for bringing it to our attention.