Special character in file name blocks uploading, "Unable to upload the file" error message

Several times my upload of images failed, no matter what file format.

Prezis error message is a boilerplate: “check internet-connection”, “upload failure”, …

My messages are in german of course, because the language setting in Prezi is “german”.

The solution was relatively simple in this case, the filename contained a german umlaut (like “ä”), so I had to transliterate it. Curiously enough, the error message itself contains umlauts, so it took more time than necessary to discover the reason why the upload failed.

Please build more expressive error messages into Prezi!

Thanks for sharing this, Gerald.

Special characters in the file names can block some files from uploading to Prezi correctly. They should only include the following characters: 0-9, a-z, A-Z, ", _.

And this should be part of the error message.

A double quote " as part of a file name, really? In WIN it’s not allowed.

We’ve taken note, and will forward this remark to the responsible team.