Spell Check!! When????

Will prezi be getting spell check anytime soon?? It is very important and needed! Ten months ago this was supposed to be in review. what is the hold up? I love Prezi, but spell check must happen!

Hi Kimberly,

features will be announced and released when they are ready. When that might be, I can’t disclose, sorry. I wish I could, but this is company policy, see http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi…

Anxiously Waiting

How much longer until the spell check is available?

I’m sorry, but it’s a company policy not to disclose what we may or may not be working on, how long it might take etc. Please see our CEO’s statement on this matter.

I’m afraid the only answer I can give right now is to keep an eye on our website, Twitter feed or Facebook page where new releases will be communicated.

Kind regards,


I have just paid for and got access to PREZI. Can I get a refund of my money and not have access to PREZI? These days it is dumb not to have a spell check.

Hi Mike,

if you are still in the trial period, you can cancel on https://prezi.com/settings/. You’ll be charged in that case.

I’m sorry that Prezi doesn’t work for you now. Please give us another chance in a few month or weeks. Maybe spell check will be released then. New features are always listed on https://prezi.com/learn/new-features/.

Kind regards,