Spell check

Switching from PowerPoint to prezi, there was only one thing that I found gave PowerPoint a slight advantage over my beloved prezi: spellcheck. As a student, I often find myself creating long and detailed presentations late at night, only to have to spend several minutes of valuable time the night before it is due editing, finding I had carelessly spelled something wrong on every point. I’m not asking for it to question my grammar like Microsoft word, (It gets a bit annoying at times, especially when I’m right) or be as annoying and controlling as autocorrect on smartphones. To get to my point, it would be helpful if it simply notified me if I had made an error somehow. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

This is a common request and I appreciate the input. I can not promise a timeline but want you to know we are aggregating feedback and suggesting it to developers, hopefully improving our product for the users.