I am a big prezi fan and use it for most of my projects. One thing i hate though, is that there is no spellcheck. This bothers me because it is a pain to read over every word to make sure it is spelled correctly. It is worse when you miss a word, and the whole class sees your mistake. Please fix this and get spellcheck. Please.

Hi Devin

Thanks for sharing with us your ideas and frustrations. I can not give you information about future plans, but I can give you a temporary workaround for now.

  1. Zoom out so you see all your content
  2. Select all your prezi (shift + drag mouse)
  3. Copy
  4. Paste into any word processor / application with spellcheck.

you will see which words have mistakes in them.
I know its not a real solution, but i’m sure it helps.


i want a spellcheck to!!!