Spontaneously getting kicked out of editing mode



Hey all, why is it that I’m seemingly spontaneously getting kicked out of editing mode? How do I prevent this from happening, and how do I then get back to editing mode again?


Hello, @Paul_Maximus. Could you please specify what happens exactly? After being kicked out of editing mode, do you get to present mode suddenly?

Also, could you please make sure your machine meets the system requirements?


Hey Lana,
Thanks for your help. I’ve double-checked the system requirements, and everything seems to be up to date there, except that I don’t have hardware acceleration enabled.

Otherwise, I think (and this seems to have resolved since) that it would kick me out of editing mode, into preview/presentation mode, but then disallow me from getting back to editing mode by any means. No editing mode button was appearing, and the “presentation mode” button in the bottom right would either be unresponsive or just freeze the screen.

Things seem to be working today, so hopefully it was self-resolving, but any advice for next time would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,



Thank you for the follow up, I am glad to hear it works!

Did you be any chance change networks? There is a chance that the issue could be connected to that. Please see our post on firewall-related issues here.

Also, please know that for the best performance we suggest using the latest version of Google Chrome with enabled hardware acceleration.


No change in networks, but I’ll check out the firewall info if/when I run into this issue again.

Thanks for your help,



You are welcome.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance!