Start a topic zoomed in and then zoom out gradually

Hi I was wondering if it’s possible to start a topic zoomed in and then zoom out gradually. to see the whole frame at the end. for example start seeing Central America, zoom out to see the whole continent, zoom out to see north & south America and the the whole world map. I don’t want to show the whole map and then zoom in and out again. Is there a way?

@Nitzan_Krivine Even though Prezi presentations can only start with a zoom-in animation initially, our in-house designers recommended the following two workarounds:

  1. You can start the presentation with your company logo and a background image of your choice.
    Place a topic on the logo, set it to transparent and zoom into it.
    Insert the world map image in this stack-styled topic, and first put a zoom-to animation on Central America, and only then insert the fade-in animation on the picture.
    Then you can place a zoom to animation on he continent and then the whole map to gradually zoom out.
    The only disadvantage here is that you need to make an extra click before the map is revealed as the zoom to animation is not visible for the viewers before you fade in the map.
    Here is the list of animations used inside the topic and here is a sample presentation to show how this could look like.

  2. Another way to go is to go if you want to avoid the double-clicking is to insert the map image in the overview page, add the zoom to animation to Central America, then fade in the image and add the following zoom to areas similarly to the previous presentations. Here is the order of the animations used and a sample presentation.

We hope these are useful tips for you to create the presentation you had in mind!

Thanks that’s a great solution…

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We’re glad you liked it. Should you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to post them on the forum!