Static logo vs. Move in/Move out images


I wish to create a Prezi Video where:

  1. I have the logo of my firm displayed at a fixed position (i.e. is displayed on top of my webcam input and never moves, i.e. it’s not on a canvas that would move as per Prezi principles)
  2. While the rest of my displayed elements don’t move (e.g. request #1 above), I have an image item coming into the display, and I can have it go out later (something I could do easily in PowerPoint, but in Prezi the only way to do this would be by moving around on the canvas which does not seem compatible with request #1). As a workaround, I know I can import a Prezi next presentation where an item can fade in or fade out. I would prefer the item to move into display and move out.

Any hint if those 2 requests can be done, and how?

Hey @David_Laou, the custom logo is a feature we’re currently actively developing, it will be available in a future release.

Regarding your second question, the best way to do this is to apply the animations to the Prezi Next presentation you’re importing, then proceed from there - at the moment, it’s not possible to animate content in the Video Lite creator. A fade in then fade out animation should suffice :slight_smile:

Hope this helped!

Thanks @Sam for your reply. Regarding my second question, when you write that “A fade in then fade out animation should suffice”, I’m a little frustrated because I’d like to see more added value in animations of items from Prezi, without having everything move around (Prezi sickness!). To be clear, if the fade in then fade are the only ways to handle my come in/come out items, I don’t find it enough. Could you please propose additional ways to have items come in/come out of screen, without having to move the whole canvas?

Please be clear if there is no other way. Then maybe I’m not adhering enough to the whole Prezi Next paradigm (but for Prezi Video I find value in the canvas not moving).

What I could propose as a solution is to use zoom areas instead of topics. This way you only zoom to elements you want to feature on the canvas, and you have full control over when you want to do this. Combining them with fade-in animations will be a bit trickier but overall you can have a much more smooth experience if you don’t like the moving canvas.

Imagine it as you lay out all the content on the right side of the canvas, just simple images and text boxes grouped together. You can then add zoom areas and fade them in manually.

This thread should explain in more detail what I’m talking about.

If you have any further questions, I’m happy to answer!

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Thanks @Sam for your reply. What you’ve proposed is very, very far from what I have in mind (which I recognize is still very far from the Prez philsophy of zooming into areas).

Please have a look at the kind of thing I’d love Prezi to assist me with:

In addition to features requested above I have illustrated even more complex requirements where my webcam’s background has been made transparent allowing features #3 and #4.

I’m also asking whether Prezi Video’s roadmap includes:

  1. (original requirement listed above) static logo in front of me
  2. (original requirement listed above) logo in front of me that I could move into and move out of the screen (just as per my video demo, the “NVC Geneva” logo)
  3. a chroma key to allow my webcam to remove background, and show sky and mountains behind me
  4. image behind me that I could move into and move out of the screen (just as per my video demo, the “NVC Geneva” logo)

What’s the best Prezi Next/Prezi Video could currently do? When do you think what’s not currently possible, could be offered?

Hi @David_Laou, thank you for the detailed feature request.

Inserting a static logo to your video is currently being developed by our team.
Currently, with Prezi Video you can have a template, or a complex presentation where the background of the content is your camera view.

This means, that currently there are no features which would allow content to show up behind you as every content on your Prezi Video is shown in front of your camera view.

Unfortunately we are unable to share a detailed roadmap of our product, but I will definitely forward your feature request to our developers so they can consider it and investigate the possibilities.

Hope this helps!

Hi, thanks @Bart addressing my requests 1, 3 and 4. How about request 2, could that be something that is available anytime soon, or which you could provide a workaround for? (btw I do not wish the whole canvas to move around, but just one specific item to move)

Hey @David_Laou I think the best workaround for now would be to insert the logo as an image - possibly as a PDF so you could make it transparent - , send it to the back of all the content, and then add a fade in and fade out animation to it.
This way it would be semi-transparent like a watermark, and it would appear in the presentation when it would be required.

Let me know if this doesn’t suffice or you had something else in mind.