Still confused about how accounts are now set up


What does this mean? Do we lose everything as of July 15th? AND if we have Premium, why do we not get all the benefits?


Your free Prezi Next Premium license will automatically renew as long as your Prezi Classic subscription stays active. Also, you won’t lose any content you created with Prezi Next.


We just opened up our Next App and it is telling us that we only have 28 days for our Premium license. . . . we were told in another thread that as long as we have a license, nothing would change and we would keep what we have now. . . even more confused. If we are really not getting Next Premium with all the benefits, why is it called Premium? I have asked this question MANY times and all I get is the “free” or “gift” of Next without support answer. This is still not acceptable since our account says Premium, even though it does not function as if it is a Premium.


Please reference Vera’s answer from this thread:

As this answer also highlights, your free Premium license, provided you as a complimentary license to your Classic subscription, covers all the editing and presenting features and one on one support possibility with our dedicated team.


I get all that, but if you are not offering support to your LOYAL customers who now have NO Classic or Next support (forum excepted), why are you calling the “free” Premium support “Premium” since none of us are getting the Premium support. It looks fraudulent calling it what it really is not. You need to call the “free” Premium license something else. This is the confusion that many of us have which has not been adequately addressed. Classic NO LONGER has the support that we who have the PRO subscription had since it is all really shut down except for articles. For the same subscription fee, we also are NOT getting Next support. It seems like there is a real disconnect here between what you say and what is reality. I know I have brought this up other times in other threads and that is why the answer that keeps coming is confusing and makes no sense to those who have been paying for support for years and now are NOT getting it.


@RobinsNest_Pro You can contact support here on the forum and by submitting a help request via email (premium support) for both your Classic and Next accounts.
I’m sorry if calling the gift Next account “Premium” has led to confusion. We call it that because it includes all the product features of a normal Premium license. The only difference is in the number of premium support channels. Please see my earlier reply in another topic for details.


Hi Vera,
Apart from the missing Premium support, I’m wondering if the free Premium trial has the Analytics module included? Cus I can’t see any analytics on the shared view links :-/


Yes, the free Premium license has Analytics too. (And it also has a premium support channel: help request via email).
I checked your Prezi Next license: you’re on a Plus plan that doesn’t include Analytics. If this doesn’t seem right or you have any specific questions related to your account, my colleagues will be happy to look into it if you contact them one of our private support channels (email/chat/phone). Thank you.


And thank you, Vera.
Quite true I have the Plus plan.
But according to the mails I get from Prezi, I can enjoy the Premium as a free gift.

So I’m still a bit confused. But I’ll contact the private support channels then…

Kind Regards


Hope they’ll help you figure it out, @Mads_Svaneklink!