Stop zooming out to the 'overview' page?




Is there a way to stop zooming out to the ‘overview’ page each time I go to a new topic? I’d like to be able to move from Subtopic 1 to the next Topic. Without zooming out again to see the whole overview. Is this possible?


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What you’re trying to do is not possible in Prezi Next for the time being. I’m sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you.

I’ll forward your feedback to our Product Managers who decide about the future development of the product. Thank you for sharing your idea with us.


Maybe it is possible to add the first and last animation step (which is greyed out now) by default but give the user the possibility to remove both. I don’t have full control of my presentation anymore. So I need to go back to the Classic style for a more controlled version.


I’m using a template titled - Idea. In this template, after each topic it moves back to the overview page/slide. How to avoid it? What I need is a direct jump from a topic to another topic. Is it possible?


@Akhil_Paul I’ve merged your question to a thread concerning the same request. Sorry for any inconvenience the lack of this feature may cause you!


Thank you.

We hope these issues will be tackled soon.


Hello Prezi-Team,

By changing the path-feature which was very flexible, you fixed the problem of revealing the contents when needed…
Yes but…

Some paths (path-star for example) seems to be not possible any more,

I will explain that with words but a small image can explain it faster.

  1. I am on a “planetary-topic” with 6 subtopics.
  2. Zoom on subtopic 1
  3. Go back on main topic is not possible any more : you’ll have the zoom on subtopic 2 instead
  4. Zoom on subtopic 3
  5. Zoom on subtopic 4

With the fade-in/fade-out transition I will loose all audience after subtopic 3… They can’t even remember if subtopic 5 was before subtopic 6 or 4…

Do i missed something in understanding this new feature?
Seems for me to be far less flexible as the path-editing.

Thank you in advance for any help or confirmation.


@Sanaa_Ouzine What you’re trying to do is currently not possible, but I’ve merged your question a thread with the same request. In the meantime, I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

The 2017 PREZI Winners. NEXT is simply not as amazing as CLASSIC

Thank you !

But is it a new feature that will be added soon ?
Or do i have to switch back my account on prezi classic?


By allowing the user to turn off the “zoom to overview” would cause us to think hard about NOT looking for a new platform. This is how important it is for NON-CONVERSATIONAL presentation givers. Not all of your customers need nor want the conversational presentation feature, but we do like the new tech.


We can’t share our development roadmap, I’m afraid, but we keep monitoring this forum and channel your feedback back to the responsible product team where they decide in what direction Prezi Next should move forward to.


I hope they we seriously look at how many loyal customers they have left behind and how much they are going to miss out, by doing this “overview” zoom as the only option, Prezi no longer cares for all of us who made Prezi what it is today. Very sad and short sighted. :frowning:


For all the nice new features, like the switch to HTML5, they are of no use to me while I’m obliged to keep showing my overview page. I can’t think of any use for that. I tried but failed to create a page that is important and interesting enough to be shown so often. I got bored. How will my audience feel. Excessive repetitional showing drags any serious message down to a running gag.
Please inform me when this problem is solved. Until then I’ll be using Classic.


I am with you on this one. My boss is so disappointed in this new version and the lack of non-conversational presentation, which most trainers do, that he is telling me to look into another program. If this overview page in not an option soon, we will be moving elsewhere because we can no longer create what we did in Classic and the tech of Classic is getting too old to continue.


Thanks for your feedback everyone, we’ve taken note and forwarded your requests to our product managers. We’ll update this thread with any news.


I know you say “you can’t share your development roadmap” …but perhaps you should!

MOST of the new startups that I mentor have taken to sharing their roadmaps with their customers in a closed community (ie - like this one where you have to be a customer to participate) and they leverage customer insights and ideas to build the product roadmap collaboratively - taking actual paying customers priorities into account through “upvotes”.

Perhaps your product managers could take a look at other success stories and apply some of that thinking to Prezi?

Ideas are cheap these days - the differentiation is on execution - and when the product roadmap we are most concerned about is the one which gives us BACK our old functionality …there isn’t even a secrecy issue … just a thought.


Thanks for sharing, Andrew. I understand your points. There are advantages and disadvantages both for sharing and for not sharing technical roadmaps. As many other companies, we’ve decided not to do so for now, as the priorities are subject to change and we’d rather not set expectations only to change them. But we do our best to inform our customers about product updates, and to help wherever we can.
We also constantly take in feedback and adjust priorities based on demand, so your feedback does help.


Sorry, i’m new here and don’t know all the terminology. But I’m using one of the templates that has the circles or globes. When the animation goes from one globe to another it first zooms out to the entire presentation again. I’d like to just have it hop over to the other globe without zooming out but I don’t see anywhere that I can modify that animation.
Thanks for your help!


@James_Rohr I’ve merged your question into a thread discussing the same feature requests, please see our answers above. Sorry for any inconvenience!


yeah, i agree with the disappointment. i never used the classic version but going back to the overview after every sub-topic is super annoying and significantly disrupts the flow. in a conversation, you don’t always go from one topic back to the entire overview, then back into another topic and then back to an overview. i hope this gets remedied asap